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Femininity and sensual seduction (sexuality)

The gentle Angle illusion wedding gown was designed as a single cocktail shot of sexuality, feisty and sensuality.
That sexual energy is all in there, in every single detail of this dress. Its all meant to enhance that amazingly feminine beauty of your body.
To make others notice your delicate shoulderline, a thin beige mesh for a bodice was used. Its color matches your skin tone and creates that spicy nude-effect.
The most important detail was taken into a thorough consideration: that’s the thin shoulder straps. It’s designed in such a special way to stay on your shoulders, avoiding falling down and creating no indents at the same time.
We use only hand-embroidery and premium class french lace to decorate the bodice. Due to the floral pattern of the lace, a unique and one of a kind dress design for each bride is created.
The wide belt has a dense pearl embroidery and emphasizes the bride’s waistline, making it look smaller.
The multilayered skirt goes wider to the bottom, emphasizing the hips and making your body contours seem even more sensual.
This tiered layered skirt is manually decorated with embroidered laces. They sparkle even more each time you move.
The warm milk and beige fabric for the skirt are being used. Such a color combination completes the whole image.

Fabrics used here are chosen according to the main theme of this sexy wedding dress: semitransparent fabrics of different kinds, two mesh types, the chiffon, lace and satins.
– the natural fine mesh contacts your skin from the inside, the outer layer is from a denser and firmer mesh, being used as a base for the embroidery. They both match in colour and structure;
– the premium class lace used to decorate the bodice features a floral pattern, its beads have a perfect glitter and the highest quality;
– the chiffon has a polka dot texture, which looks gentle and feminine;
– the lace used for the skirt has a geometric pattern with gape elements;
– the belt is made from such an elements combination to be able to merge the embroidery from the top and skirt. Element’s used are pearls and shiny beads;
The inner nude materials are amazingly soft and nice to touch. At the same time, these play an important role as proper and reliable support for the chiffon skirt.

We have created this sexy wedding dress for a confident girl with a fine sense of style, who is to proudly hold an upright posture and who knows her goals for sure.
Wearing such a dress, the bride is to enhance her sensual attractiveness and emphasize her femininity.
We recommend to wear almost no accessories with this illusion wedding dress, since the dress itself has a generous amount of details and accents already.
The small earrings and a hairpin should be more than enough.

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5% – 9 months early booking, 7% – 12 months early booking, 10% – 18 months early booking



– Handmade in our Israel studio
– Italian mesh, crepe chiffon, tulle, satin, France lace, silk, beaded lace, taffeta.
– Mesh 100% natural, mesh 100% Nylon, crepe chiffon 70% Viscose 30% Nylon
– Satin lining: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane, taffeta 60% Nylon, 40% Silk Tencel
– Beaded lace, French trims


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