Long sleeve wedding dress – Enigma with Hand Embroidery


Enigma – Using a 3D embroidery with feathers and flowers we made this gorgeous wedding dress mysteriously special

Our long sleeve wedding dress features a unique textured hand embroidery.
The top is made from soft matte Italian mesh.
Skirt consists of three layers, where the middle one is a real shape-holding taffeta.
Due to taffeta the skirt is featherlight. Taffeta holds the shape and creates the volume without any other fabric layers.
The outer skirt layer is a soft Italian mesh, which is manually embroidered with French lace, silk flowers and ostrich feathers.
We have not forgotten about the sleeves: wide cuffs are manually embroidered with French lace and silk flowers as well.
Inside the airy and spacious upper part stays the fitting nude corset.
The back is open and features a v-shaped cut-out.
The lining of the skirt is made of silk.
Hand embroidery done by our artisans – is a unique handcraft.
We combine for this wedding dress embroidery several types of French lace, ostrich feathers, lace flowers, beads and pearls.

Soft Italian mesh is matte and has a nice to touch texture.
The taffeta, used as a second skirt layer, holds the shape and gives the skirt its big volume without a multi-layered effect.
Nude satin, which the inner corset is made of, is of medium density and has a noble shine.
The inner skirt lining is made from fine, nice to touch and gauzy flowing silk. The French Laces with 3D silk flowers used for decoration look so luxurious.
The length of ostrich feathers used for the gown is 10-15 cm.

This modest wedding dress is designed for a big ceremony.
We recommend this gown such a girl who has always been dreaming of her luxurious and mysterious image.
This gown has a great amount of decorations and doesn’t need anything else.
If you want to make the image complete we recommend a modest diadem and knee-length or longer veil.
Aside from other accessories we recommend only earrings, since the sleeves and the upper dress part are decorated with the embroidery.

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1. Handmade in our Georgian studio
2. Italian soft mesh, Taffeta, Lace, Satin, Feather
3. Italian soft mesh – 100% nylon
4. Taffeta – 100% polyester
5. Lace– 80% polyester, 20% viscose
6. Satin – 100% polyester
7. Delivered worldwide
8. The lining is in both skirt and bodice.
9. The bodice has a double-layered lining.
10. Breast cups could be installed to your request.
11. The neckline is of navy type.
12. The back cut out features a V-shape
13. Type dress – princess
14. Multi-layered fluffy skirt.
15. Petticoats with rings could be made to your request.
16. Train length – 30 cm. Maximum length possible – 60 cm.
17. Ivory color
19. Models height – 178 cm, size – xs.
20. Recommended for sizes: xs-xl
Recommended for height: 150-180 cm.
Suitable for every skin type.


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