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Limited silk organza with the author’s stitch embroidery

The lightness and just the right dress volume with hand-embroidered organza makes this royal wedding dress a perfect choice for the bride. There are three organza silk layers – two of them are transparent and light, while the third one is made of denser semitransparent material.
The skirts are designed in a special way, in order to get that bell shape. At the hips level, the royal wedding dress volume is a bit reduced, being enormously increased in its lower parts like in such a circular skirt.
There is no lining neither in the bodice nor under the skirt. Meanwhile, the skirt is totally opaque, being made from multiple fabrics layers. That is our special technology used to get the very light and just a little translucent wedding dress, made fully of silk. The long-sleeved bodice is made of a soft Italian mesh and is just a bit see-through. Nevertheless, we could always add an additional layer to reduce the translucency or make it totally opaque.
Both sleeves and back are with button closure. Each button is covered with matte silky fabric.
The bodice is made by special technology, so all the seams are to stay inside of the wedding dress.
Yes, that laced painting-like satin stitch embroidery in this fairy wedding dress the main highlight. The embroidery is made completely by hand, using lace elements with a floral motif.
Like this, we have achieved that special glossy effect on the fabric surface.
Placed by hand, each embroidery element is only one of a kind. It is unique and never repeats twice. Meanwhile, the flowy wedding dress is decorated symmetrically at both sides just like in the mirror.
The bodice embroidery is quite dense, while on the skirt it’s a bit less.
The wedding dress colour is very close to real ivory.

The silk organza has itself such features as airiness and a perfect shape-holding. Because of that, the most unbelievably huge volumes, without any petticoats and tulle could be achieved.
Outer layers are made of fully transparent thinner and softer, than a regular one, matte organza.
The inner layer is made of dense Italian organza, which is almost totally opaque, having its natural non-bleached colour and original texture.
The lace embroidery is made with the use of satin stitch elements and fine tiny french spangles.

This unique wedding dress will suit perfectly the girl, who is used to being in the center of attention or to the one, aiming for an unforgettable wedding.
In this outfit, the bride is to easily move the whole day around, since the wedding dress weighs less than 1 kg and is extremely light.
We would recommend wearing unremarkable and modest accessories with this wedding dress e.g. vintage clip-on earrings, a simple transparent hip-length veil, or a small tiara.
As for the groom, we would suggest a suit made of light summer fabrics or non-dense tweed.


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– Handmade in our Georgian studio.
– Italian organza silk – 100% silk.
– Lace – 80% silk , 20% viscose.
– Organic jersey mesh – 100 %
– Delivered worldwide.
– Double-layered bodice.
– Inbuilt cups are possible to be installed upon request.
– Round neckline.
– Round back-cut, buttoned closure.
– Skirt with 3 layers of silk.
– Dress style – princess
– Multilayered puffy skirt.
– Petticoat with rings is possible to be made upon request.
– Opaque lining could be applied upon request.
– The dress features an 80 cm long train.
– The maximum train length possible is up to 120 cm.
– Colour – Ivory.
– The model’s height is 172 cm, she usually wears an XS size.
– We do recommend with the dress for girls with body sizes from XS up to XL and height from 150 till 180 cm. It will suit any skin tone.

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    MANY THANKS for the LOVELY dress!!!

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