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The gorgeous fluffy skirt is like silk sea foam with a chick lace bodice, crafted using seamless technology.

A short wedding dress with sleeves and a short fluffy skirt is designed for girls who prefer comfort and those who want to show their slender legs.
The bodice is made of lace with a luxurious pattern, like marvelous paintings on a precious vase; flowers and leaves, monograms, and curls intertwined with floral designs. The bodice looks so aristocratic with its exquisite high neckline trimmed with lace. The pattern on the neck is perfectional folded by hand, forming a decoration in the form of a lace choker.
It is noteworthy that the sleeves of the wedding dress do not have seams; we’ve made invisible seams to avoid breaking the lines of the pattern. At the bottom, the sleeve fastens with tiny pearl buttons.
The back of the short wedding dress with sleeves is closed, fastened on fabric buttons. We’ve designed such a beautiful pattern on the back people will keep their eyes looking at it.
There is a dense crepe silk corset inside the wedding dress, made from the same fabric as the skirt.
Creamy hue crepe silk matches beautifully with the corset part and smoothly turns from the waist into a fluffy, playful skirt.
A fantastic double ruffled skirt has four tiers, and a silk chiffon ruffled petticoat. The ruffles fill the width of the turtleneck wedding dress and are beautifully visible when the bride walks or sits down.
The cut of the skirt is slightly elongated at the back; it allows you not to worry that, at some point, the wedding dress will seem too short.

We’ve combined so many different fabrics in this gown that look stunning.
Matte smooth crepe made of 100% cream-colored silk, its heavy, form-holding dense material looks beautiful and noble. It was used in the outer part of the corset to make the transition from ivory lace and cream color skirt visually softer. Lace is a real work of art in the hands of a skillful tailor, and it’s fascinating to work with large-pattern lace. Replacing the elements, we’ve created a seamless bodice and sleeves. Also, at the bride’s request, we can adorn the lace pattern with beautiful hand embroidery. Then the wedding dress will become more stunning.

This long sleeve babydoll dress was initially designed as a wedding dress for a girl looking for an outfit for a dynamic wedding, maybe even a biker’s girlfriend; with Cossack boots and a leather jacket, this dress will look stylish and unusual. The dress is turned out quite romantic and sweet, but this certainly does not prevent us from interpreting it by combining styles in different ways. Contact the designer, and we will recommend the best combinations to fulfill your dreams.

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5% – 9 months early booking, 7% – 12 months early booking, 10% – 18 months early booking

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Handmade in our Italian studio
Italian crepe – 100% silk
Cotton – 100% silk
OAE lace – 50% viscose 50% poliestre
Worldwide delivery
Skirt lining – single-layered
Body – single layered
Inbuilt cups on request
Front and back – high-neck
Seam assembly by hand
Back is with a button closure
Dress type – trumpet
Tiered skirt
Colors: cream and ivory
The model is 172 cm tall and usually wears size S
We recommend this dress for girls with XS – L body size
Recommended for a height of 160-190 cm
Will suit all skin colours
Short wedding dress with sleeves


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